Thursday, February 13, 2020

Qatar Airways Market Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Qatar Airways Market Research - Essay Example Qatar Airways is a reasonably recent provincial airline company that is heading toward becoming an international brand. It has insistently moved in the direction of accomplishing its growth strategy objectives. This has been possible to a certain extent due to growing brand acknowledgment as well as awareness. Qatar Airways had generated brand awareness by means of many conduits, for instance advertising via print media, radio, television, and the internet. This had helped the airline company in presenting its image in a range of formats. The image of Qatar Airline that has been built by its initiatives is that of a progressive and premium airline that provides exclusive and outstanding customer service. The company endorses customary Arabic hospitality at the same time as embracing the attributes of other cultures. This can be understood from the mix of employees that are on board of the airline, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds (Qatar Airways, 2012). In the year 2011, Qatar Airways attained a landmark by covering 100 destinations in its international route map. The Qatar Airways was also named the Airline of the Year 2011 at the yearly Skytrax World Airline Awards. It was observed that more than 18 million travelers across the world casted their votes for the Airline (Qatar Airways, 2012)... Domain Analysis In the present times, the airline industry is distinguished by an unstable, aggressively competitive and deregulated atmosphere. The existence of such a competitive atmosphere had transformed the business strategies and management practices in the domestic as well as the global airline business. Owing to rising customer awareness and customer expectations in addition intense rivalry amongst the various players in the airline business, the major challenge of the airline companies is to discover new approaches to accomplish sustained profitability by means of more efficient management tools and enhanced customer service. The airline companies across the world face significant amount of challenges to maintain and live up to their passenger’s expectations, opposition from new airways, rising passenger traffic, latest types of coalitions and associations across organizations as well as across borders, in addition to the necessity to provide exceptional safety and se curity to their passengers (Stanford University, n.d.). Market Analysis One of the most significant developments in the airlines industry during the eighties was the privatization of the government owned airways. However, as of early 2000, a large number of global airlines companies were still majority government owned (Stanford University, n.d.). Owing to the deregulation in the United States, the airline business became more and more concentrated. More concentration in the airline industry has been observed in the European region as well. In the last decade, the innovative low-cost value-based airways have emerged strongly. Simultaneously, during the same period, one had observed consolidation in the full-service airways as well.

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