Saturday, February 1, 2020

Movie Reflection (Gran Torino) Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reflection (Gran Torino) - Movie Review Example Walt finds it so challenging to culturally interact with his ‘middle class white folks’ Asian neighbourhood friends. This article, therefore, aims at providing a review about the film’s diversity issues, and relates these issues to the modern contemporary society. Single motherhood is one of the social diversity issues presented in the film, which is unswervingly inclined to the modern society’s moral concerns. Hmong family lives next to Walt’s house. This family is composed of a grandmother, single mother and her two teenagers Thao (Bee Vang) and Sue (Ahney her) (Ebert, 2010). This is an example of the most present day’s family components. This is because single parenthood currently results from divorce cases, death of one spouse or in extreme cases of polyandry. Single motherhood just as reflected in the movie, is among the socially related diversity issues in the present day. Single parenthood in this movie has lowered the self-esteem of Hmong family members and Thao, though seems to be intelligent is shy. Anomie is also reflected in this film. This society is normless, and gang of thieves are all over. These gangs recruit people forcefully, and Thao becomes a victim of this anomie. The present day society is also a no rmless one with many criminal activities undertaken without effectively being punished as per the societal norms requires. Diversity issues can create anarchy or normlessness in the society. This is because every society aims at becoming a utopian societal system. The emerging diversity issues such as gang robbery in the present day are a drawback in relation to the norms guiding the society. Gang robbery also uses violence, which can cause death or emotional fears (Ebert, 2010). Single parenthood and divorce cases may result to psychological disorders and isolations by individuals. Most of the diversity issues in the present day pulls away an individuals’ personal experiences, their

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