Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hispanic Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hispanic Diversity - Essay Example Diverse workforce acts as a competitive advantage to the companies. To a large extent organizational performance depends on handling its diversity issues. For selling products and services companies needs to handle many diversity issues because of their wide range of diverse customers. Organizations need to know diverse language, cultures, customers etc for fulfilling the needs and requirements of their customers and employees. This facilitates the company in achieving their goals and objectives (Jose 141). When a company understands the diverse needs, expectations and requirements of its organizational members and customer then it can enhance its business process and services which facilitates the firm in improving its performance and holding its place in the competitive global market. People of different cultures and countries are presently residing in U.S. Spanish people are presently dominating the U.S market. Business people, students, serviceman etc reside in U.S. Other than Spanish, people from another country like China, Latin America etc reside in the U.S. the basic differences among these people are in their culture, customs, habits etc. Hispanic people have covered the maximum part of U.S market. Hispanic people are very much associated with their family, unlike the present American people. The Spanish and Latinos people take care of their parents when they grow old. But the people of other cultures residing in America are very much concerned about themselves. American society believes in individualism but Hispanic people believe in collectivism. People of different income level stay in the U.S which enhances the socioeconomic differences in this state (Maffi 140). The market and workplaces of U.S are characterized with all of these differences for which companies operating in U.S market are trying to manage diversity issues.

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